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Project Management

The success of a project depends on its stakeholders.  Although clinical studies have enough chefs to spoil a perfectly good broth, the reality is that multiple stakeholders are intrinsic to how clinical trials are currently run.   Subjects, sponsors, regulators, Ethics Committees, site staff, CRAs, Data Management teams, Medical Monitors, Safety Monitoring Committees, statisticians, writers, investors and society at large all have different stakes and different expectations from a clinical study.   

The challenge of an effective Project Management team is to ensure that clinical study goals are achieved within varied stakeholder expectations and the given constraints.

Our Project Managers ensure studies are effectively managed by:

  • Developing and executing effective communication channels between critical stakeholders

  • Coordinating accurate, timely and adequate information supporting decision making  

  • Dynamically ensuring inter-departmental risks and inadequate mitigation measures are identified in time.

Reliable management controls and a channel of regular information remove the need for micromanagement by you as the sponsor, which means that you can now sleep easy knowing that your trial is in capable hands.  

The PPCE Advantage

  • Single-point Coordination: Leave the management of the entire trial to PPCE’s Project Management Team.  They will allow you to get on with other responsibilities while ensuring you have a holistic picture of the entire study at any given time. 

  • Integrated action:  Improved stakeholder communication is a key function of a Project Management Team.  For the smooth functioning of all cogs in the clinical trial wheel, a harmonized approach to information dissemination and feedback is essential.  Disjointed perspectives and actions lead to unsuccessful trial results.  Entrusting the Project Management function to PPCE means less sleepless nights and higher trial efficiency.

  • Timely achievement of project goals: On-time delivery is a function of timely monitoring, reporting and communication.  As a result of strong reporting systems, PPCE enjoys great success with the achievement of timelines.

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