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Over the last two decades, it has been a privilege to work with some immensely loyal, efficient and dedicated professionals at PPCE. Having begun operations in the field of quality assurance, this team has built the foundations for a well-oiled, smooth operational flow that gives inspiration and confidence in the set-up of our ventures, including those into a highly regulated industry where human life is paramount.

PPCE was founded in 1997 with a vision to add value to industry by encouraging the concept of 'zero-defect' and the prevention of problems arising out of poor quality. We are a company focused on quality and on-time delivery for our clients.


Working at PPCE never gets old.  It always seems like new ventures, new avenues, new challenges are around the corner and the sense of exhilaration is tangible. While it is important for us to keep our eyes on the ball, move steadily towards our goals and achieve our projected targets, it is equally important for us to remember our roots and our commitment to our stakeholders.

As we continue to flourish, each individual customer must continue to be delighted with our services and our investors must share in our successes. Our impact on the environment must remain constant and then reduce; and our efforts at increasing the employability of the youth of our country and the empowerment of people must continue alongside. Our people know that our core values must stay, always, at the core of our business and be the foundation upon which the rest is built.

And so, never will our efforts to progress and grow overshadow our efforts to use less paper and plastic, to conserve electricity and water or to take a moment to say thank you and give back to the community within which we thrive. We will continue to nurture talent and contribute to increasing knowledge by using our skills in training and education. We will continue to work together with our collaborators in the spirit of mutual benefit; and our partners will continue to rely on us.

It has been a rich journey so far - for the experiences, for the colleagues with whom we have shared them and for the opportunity to contribute to a brighter future. With preparation and enthusiasm, always, we look forward to greater success for all our stakeholders.

Khushnoor Dastoor

Executive Director & Head - QA

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