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Customer Orientation

To focus on clients’ requirements, niche as well as cluster, and to address these through quality output on a timely basis.



To respect and recognize each individual’s worth; to treat every individual with the same amount of respect regardless of position, caste, gender or other material considerations; and to respect our individual worth, the products we offer and the company we represent.



To be truthful and self-disciplined individuals. No mistakes are unforgivable and PPCE’s culture is based deeply in its value for honesty and transparency. We believe that integrity of speech builds credibility and trust; and that integrity in interpersonal dealings ensures the best outcome for all parties involved. 



To create security through a feeling of ‘ownership’; and to recognize and reward honesty. This allows people to work together as a team that trusts each other, and just as importantly, as a team that can be trusted – by its members, its clients, its leaders, and all its other stakeholders.



Creativity and thinking ‘out of the box’ are greatly valued at PPCE. Members are encouraged to think differently and suggestions are given due consideration irrespective of caste, creed, gender or designation. This helps us cater to dynamic requirements in effective and creative ways.



In appreciation of the society which has allowed PPCE to flourish, we are happy to be able to give something back through our corporate citizenship programmes.



We believe WE CAN. We are encouraged to realize our potential and to reach greater heights. 



PPCE believes that the most powerful leader is not the one with the most followers, but the one who makes the most leaders. All members are encouraged to make decisions, be responsible for, and answerable to, themselves and to the organization.

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